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The Culture AI

VEME employs its proprietary AI to convert text into viral, culturally tailored short-form videos. We've built the AI for culture



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The Platform

VEME's AI generates viral, crafting culturally resonant memetics for any audience.

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The Games

We deploy memetic games to create user engagement and train our AI model. 


The Epic Mythology Behind VEME, uniting the various meme factions across the world for systems change.


The World Is Facing A Great Crisis, Our Future May Be Decided By Those Who Have The Power To Have Their Voices Heard. 

Master Shibunatha

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VEME's mission is to harness the power of AI and memetics to bridge cultural divides, revealing the shared DNA of our global culture.


VEME’s AI model is training to recognize why short form videos go viral, and reproduce them for any culture,

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The Ultimate Meme Token

The VEME token is the governance token for the ‘Memes Will Save The World’ DAO.

This DAO is built for the users of the platform to steer the direction of VEME. It allows for crowdfunding of projects, voting on new features, and tiered membership based on participation.


Users earn tokens through participation with VEME & helping train the AI model.

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See you in the VEMEverse!

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