What does it mean to truly empower creativity? it means to return the value back to the hands of those who generate it

~Master Shibunata

Creation 3.0


VEME is a metamedia & technology company building content and architectures

to unleash the future of creativity.


Genesis NFT Drop Now Live!


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Remix Content Legally

Our 'Voltage' Protocol redefines content ownership, copyright and  monetization. For the first time,  creatives can legally remix content with no friction.


On VEME, everyone who participates in the content creation game WINS

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A Web 3.0 Content Ecosystem

VEME combines the power of NFT's DeFi, and the emergence of DAOs to empower creative projects to take their power back.

The VEME Ecosystem

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 A protocol to unlock the Web 3.0 creative commons by turning all content into licensable NFT’s with dynamic pricing oracles

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A DeFi platform built to unlock the content economy by providing a bank for creatives. 


A DAO Kickstarter to fund and facilitate the future of creative projects and media companies

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