What does it truly mean to decentralize a social network? it means to return the value back to the hands of those who generate it

~Master Shibunata

Own Your Creativity

VEME is a decentralized social network that turns content into NFT's. Our protocols solve the major issues behind today's networks and bring power back to communities.

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Remix Content Legally

Our 'Voltage' Protocol redefines content ownership, copyright and  monetization. For the first time,  creative can legally remix content and partially own it with the originators.


On VEME, everyone who participates in the content creation game WINS

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A New Creative Commons

Users can buy, sell, trade and collect NFT content from the  VEME commons. Upload your best original clips and see if they become iconic meme's!

How It Works

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Create/Upload your original content to VEME and secure your ownership certificate as an NFT

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Anyone can remix their favorite songs or video clips legally, sharing revenue the results with the originator.

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Earn whenever your VEME NFT is bought, sold, traded or licensed.

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