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VEME is the world’s communal video network. We take the most powerful medium of communication, short form video, and bring it to communities.

The Story Of

In the beginning, there was the word, and with the word, the lord said “let there be memes!” And with the memes there was laughter, and from that laughter a new internet culture was born! 

Then pictures became videos, but internet speeds still sucked and so the GIF was born… and many more laughs were shared!

At long last, we have entered into the age of high bandwidth, and the time of the Video Meme (VEME) has come. 

Yet, there are those who would seek to seal this power within the confines of centralized corporations and monolithic governments. 

No longer!

Veme has arrived…

Much Laughter
Such Meaning

Generative AI Video Meme Creator

Our AI-powered video meme generator allows ANYONE to express their ideas with one click. Our AI connects to RSS feeds around the internet to turn all current news into Vemes for all v/communities.

PRO users can train their own VEME model to produce specialized memetic content for their social feeds.

Train, Generate, Earn!

Help build the decentralized clip library by uploading, as well as generating AI audio and video clips! VEME rewards users when their content is utilized and hits certain thresholds of virality

If TikTok and Reddit Had a Baby...

VEME is a short-form video network built for communities.

Users can create and join v/communities for every subculture and niche, creating a new medium: the communal video network.

Users also create video ‘threads’, where other users can respond to prompts with their own videos. This supports a variety of interactive formats such as debates, AMA’s, meme threads, competitions and more.

VEME's integrated generative video tool allows users to instantly create relevant content for any community.

Veme Roadmap

Q2 2024: The Genesis of Genius

Build The Meme Forge: Finish V1 of the AI video meme Generator

Community Vibes Activation: Get Veme community platform live

Activate Marketing Partners: Agencies and Advisor support for Launch

Q1-Q2 2025: The New Meme Order

Launch Social Video Platform: VEME main app available

Community Building Fund: Support &  Incentivize communities on VEME 

Partnership Power Plays & Integration: Expand ecosystem integration

Q3-Q4: The Memevolution

AI V2 Overload: More powerful platform

Short Form Video MetaForum: Engage, rally, entertainUltimate creation playground

The Rise of v/Communities: Niche market expansion

Q3-Q4 2024: The Memevolution

Veme AI Model V2: Improve the AI model

Test + Refine the Bots: Begin activities in small digital communities

$VEME Token Launch

Q1-Q2 2025: The New Meme Order

VEME DAO Awakening: Governance by token holders

DAO-Led Meme Renaissance: Community-driven projects

Partnership Power Plays & Integration Invasion: Expand ecosystem integration

Q3-Q4 2025: The Meme Singularity

Decentralized Community Economic Engine: Enabling Community monetization

Launch Veme Reward Network: Utilize Tokens for Partnership Rewards

Global Meme Domination: Expanding worldwide influence

The Journey So Far...


$1M+ NFTs sold
(VEME Genesis Collection)


$2m Raised in Token Presale


"Become the Meme" community app MVP in development


AI Video Meme Generator V1 Built

VEMEVerse NFT Collection

Master Shibunatha, The Yoda Of The Doge, Has Arrived On Gaya To Enact His Great Masterplan.. To UNITE The Meme Communities By Summoning The Great Goddess VEME.

There are only 1080 Keys, Rare and revered,  artifacts reserved for those who are ready to assist in this mission.

Benefits of being a GENESIS Holder:

3.6% of ALL tokens reserved for GENESIS Airdrop

The power to shape destinies within the VemeVerse (Extra DAO Voting)

Access To Early Features, Airdrops + All Future VEME Events

Invitations to private invite-only gatherings across Gaya


The VEME Token Is Built To: 

1)  To reward users for participation and the training of the AI model

2)  To create an ecosystem of active creators who help govern its future

3) To foster a decentralized content economy

4) To reward those who utilize the token

5) To Turn Memes Into Communities

VEME tokenomics leaves the majority of the tokens for REWARDS for you using the platform, for the public sale and our partners. We want the game of VEME to be fun and rewarding for EVERYONE who plays with us.

  • Airdrops : 3.60%
  • Seed Sale : 4.00%
  • Private Sale : 5.33%
  • Public Sale : 15.00%
  • Team : 10.00%
  • Marketing : 9.00%
  • Ambassadors/  Partners : 3.07%
  • Liquidity Pool : 8.00%
  • Rewards Pool : 30.00%
  • Ecosystem development : 10.00%
  • Advisors : 2.00%

VEME has a team of sophisticated advisors and success partners, including:

Michael Birch

Founder @ Bebo Social Network ($850M Exit To AOL)

Ted Field

Founder @ Interscope Records

Charles Wismer

Co-Founder @ DiodeVC

Ross Fujii

Former CTO @ Cisco

Some badass members of the 12+ VEME DREAM TEAM include:

Raamayan, CEO & Doguru

Meet Raamayan, our mystical leader and Doguru. He blends vision with wit to steer VEME towards the promised land of digital empowerment. As a system architect and seasoned entrepreneur, Raamayan brings the inspiration into our journey, as he eagerly awaits VEME transforming from 'video meme hub' to 'empowering aligned communities'.

Some badass members of the 12+ VEME DREAM TEAM include:

Shaquille, Lead Marketer & Meme Degen

Shaquille is the heart and soul behind our marketing and community engagement. He's stayed with the team over 6 years watching VEME grow and shift into it's current form as the home of Video memes, and can't wait for it to reach the world. His previous work for brands like Cartoon Network Amazone make him excited to leverage the nostalgia-power of the culture we've created over the past few decades.

Some badass members of the 12+ VEME DREAM TEAM include:

Chirag, CTO & AI Whisperer

Chiragh is our rock, the calm amidst the technological storm. As CTO and AI Whisperer, he ensures our tech stack is as solid as his dependable nature. Chiragh orchestrates our AI models and backend development with a zen-like focus, making sure our team of developers operates in complete harmony.

Some badass members of the 12+ VEME DREAM TEAM include:

Ryan, Head of Operations & Efficiency Wizard

Ryan, our head of operations, is the backbone of VEME’s day-to-day hustle. Super capable and unnaturally diligent, we're not quite sure if he's 100% human. Also a meme culture fanatic and sports degen, Ryan has an uncanny ability to appear right when the stakes are highest, swiftly patching any operational gaps with precision and a smirk. His blend of relentless efficiency and passion for digital culture keeps our startup sailing smoothly through both crypto-winters and crazy pivots.

Some badass members of the 12+ VEME DREAM TEAM include:

Shibunatha, Meme Sage & Culture Guru

"Shibunatha, our venerable Meme Sage, brings ancient wisdom to the digital age. With a paw on the pulse of meme culture and another in the ethereal realms of creativity, Shibunatha guides VEME with a blend of serenity and playful mischief. Always ready with a meme for any situation, he keeps our spirits high and our content fresh, proving every day that wisdom and wit go paw-in-paw."